Our Team
Elisa Gelewski
In 2010 she founded the ARTEMIS Project as an organisation in Berlin with a branch in Bodrum, Turkey, in order to provide leadership and management for the permaculture project “Hayat Life Forest”.
Manuel Inacker
born 1989 in Siegen, he is studying Public Policy and Governmental Studies with Philosophy at the University of Erfurt and at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul. He is involved with the ARTEMIS Project e.V. since March 2011 with a focus on public relations.
Umur Incekarasu
Born 1959 in Izmir. Has a degree in Economics from the Univesity of Ege, Turkey. He curreny lives in Bodrum. He is actively involved with the Artemis Project e.V to protect nature in the region and to contribute to climate protection.


Further members of foundation:

Jürgen Voss, Hamburg
Sonja Hoffmann, Coburg
Simone Braun Tomczak, Berlin
Pero Radicic, Berlin
Nicolaus Yuan, Berlin