The ARTEMIS Project – Initiative for Art and the Environment, is an association of artists, environmental activists, promoters of the arts, promoters of climate protection and environmental educators.
Our goal is the national and international development, promotion, networking and implementation of artistic, ecological and social projects of all kinds, that are benevolent, democratic, culturally integrated and innovative.
This also includes the improvement of cultural participation in gender politics, and improving the quality of life for people with disabilities or social difficulties.
Our vision will be realised by:

• The creation and implementation of concepts for environmental projects, both artistic and educational
• National and international educational programs for biodiversity, the environment and climate protection
• The establishment of nature reserves and re-forestation
• The establishment of orchards and vegetable gardens according to biodynamic principles, in both town and country
• Carrying out research into gender dialogue
• Organising events in support of art and the environment, in particular exhibitions, installations, readings, concerts, plays and films
• Promoting Awareness Through Nature (ATN).
We are in contact with organisations from Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, North Africa, Mongolia, North America and South America. We have a particular interest in educating children and young people about the environment and a sustainable future.